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April 2018
The Baum family

Craig, Robyn, Zachary (6) and Nathan (3) have been in Mooresville since 2006 but moved into Phase 3 on Bayberry Creek Circle in 2015. The Baum's have a boxer mix names Sadie. Their favorite football team is the Carolina Panthers. During baseball season, Craig cheers for the St. Louis Cardinals and Robyn roots for the Boston Red Sox. When the weather is nice, Zachary and Nathan love playing outside. The Baums also love going on the boat, spending time with family, taking walks in the neighborhood and exploring fun things in and around Mooresville. Their favorite vacation spot is Myrtle Beach. When asked what their favorite thing is about The Farms, they said "We love all the activities planned for the kids and families. It is a great neighborhood to raise a family in. We also love the pool and all the amenities. We are fortunate to have amazing neighbors and a wonderful sense of community."


If you see this Craig, Robyn, Zachary, Nathan & Sadie give them a howdy doo!

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